because you're still breathing
"Even so, it can't happen like this. After everything we've been through, Doctor. Everything. You can't just drop me off at my house and say goodbye like we shared a cab." ()


doctor who, amy/11 with slight amy/rory, 2k+, T 
What happened in those five minutes. (LJ link)

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Someone very very very lovely recced me some Amy/Eleven fics and she has impeccable taste so.

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“lonely hearts club” (pt 1/1)

As the clock begins to strike twelve, he dreams of red hair. Post-Ponds. 906 words. warning: written (mostly) in lowercase.

Listening: Lonely Hearts Club by Marina and The Diamonds

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for jo and whoever

these are all nc-17 so enter if you dare to sexy

the trouble with stars - with plot. it’s cute and in character which is great. 

when dreams do show thee me - the dreams mentioned in amy’s choice. aka, almost canon.

rules - actual porn.

minor technical details - not porn but they have a threeway with the tardis. not even idris, the actual ship.


Ratings: M (Mature! Occasionally very mature - like, as in sex), T (for Teens), and K (all ages)

Armless griefs mount lewd and headless doubts.

He promised her the beach, damn it, and he was going to deliver.

If you asked the Doctor (and you have, as you are reading this), he never initiated anything, never took any action that might lead to a predictable reaction, never sought companions and always just stumbled across them. Accidental. Always. Every time. All their fault.

The Doctor knows the stars. Amy Pond, however, is a different story entirely.

The Doctor didn’t know he’d ordered a Kiss-O-Gram…

“Please tell me we’re not currently engaged in a three-way with your ship.”

Amy muses on the amazing and the mundane.

  • jump by saywheeeee - Rated: K

Living with this man is the strangest thing Amy has ever done.

The Doctor speaks to her on a scramble; but the Doctor himself is a scramble, his eyes and hands are a scramble, and the message he’s broadcasting in all directions is one she already knows.

Amy’s PMSing. The Doctor must deal.

Sometimes he looks at her from across the ruins and smiles.

Aeipathy - a continued passion; an unyielding disease. The Doctor tries everything.

Essomenic: “showing things as they will be in the future.” Amy is tossed haphazardly through time; the Doctor is cryptic and unhelpful. To be fair, so is Amy.

It was all dreadfully familiar. The fear. The running. The confusion and trust in his companion’s eyes. The cold metal of the fob watch clutched between his fingers.

Amelia Pond is a young woman working in London. She questions how interesting her life truly is when a man joins her for coffee one evening, and she realizes that all you need to do to change your life is to open your ears, eyes and heart. AU

John Smith’s life is great and he’s very happy with it. Right?

The Doctor, Amy, and Rory are trapped, what else is new? There’s a chemical in the air forcing them to tell the truth and act on their inner fantasies and urges. What could go wrong?

A collection of drabbles and ficlets involving Amy Pond and The Eleventh Doctor. Ranging from friendship to romance.

Eleven, Note To Self: “Never say ‘no’ to Amy Pond unless you want her to call your bluff.”

Amy’s Note To Self: “Never tempt the Doctor with naughty outfits unless you’re ready for the shag of a lifetime.” Sequel to “Asking For It”