because you're still breathing
"Even so, it can't happen like this. After everything we've been through, Doctor. Everything. You can't just drop me off at my house and say goodbye like we shared a cab." ()

Such a Different Sight: An Amy x Eleven Fanmix

01. Ordinary Day - Vanessa Carlton
02. Slip Away - Kathryn Calder
03. In Sleep - Lissie
04. To The Sky - Owl City
05. Stars - Au Revoir Simone
06. Stay Young, Go Dancing - Death Cab for Cutie
07. Just Like Heaven - The Cure
08. Cosmic Love - Florence + the Machine
09. Gold - Interference
10. They Weren’t There - Missy Higgins 
11. Destiny- Zero 7
12. Twilight - Vanessa Carlton
13. I Hate Seagulls - Kate Nash
14. Everlasting Friend - Blue October
15. Great Companion - Landon Pigg

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1. sleepy seven / bonobo +
2. you, appearing / m83 +
3. companions / the dodos +
4. take me with you where you go / jack white +
5. suns irrupt / neon indian +
6. good hold / toro y moi +
7. cosmonaut / millionyoung +


Random Amy/Eleven playlist

In These Arms - Swell Season
 Maybe I was born to hold you in these arms.

Daydreamer - Adele
 You can find him sitting on your doorstep
Waiting for the surprise
 It will feel like he’s been there for hours
And you can tell that he’s been there for life

 My Door is Always Open - Noah and the Whale
 Oh well church bells, they are ringing for you
Oh and choirs are singing in red,
 Oh your voice could summon the angels,
and your beauty, could waken the dead.

Blue Blood - Foals 
You’ve got blood on your hands, I know it’s my own.
 You came it me in the middle of the night to show me my soul.
Of all the people, I hoped it be you.
 To come and free me, take me away.
To show me my home.
 Where I was born.
Where I belong. 

Tricks of the Trade - Paolo Nutini
 And as time shall inevitably move on
Well, at least we’ll have four strong legs
To stand on to keep us alive 

Violet Hill - Coldplay
So if you love me
 Why’d you let me go?

Poison and Wine - The Civil Wars
Oh your hands can heal, your hands can bruise
I don’t have a choice but I still choose you. 


amy x eleven fanmix asked by: wingerannie

sink or swim; tyrone wells

you found me; the fray

drops of jupiter; train

sweet and low; augustana

there she goes; the la’s 

poison and wine; civil wars

blood, tears & gold; the hurts 

sooner or later; matt kearney

all we are; one republic

gone away; safteysuit