because you're still breathing
"Even so, it can't happen like this. After everything we've been through, Doctor. Everything. You can't just drop me off at my house and say goodbye like we shared a cab." ()

The Doctor is not kind. The Doctor doesn’t help people. Not anyone. Not ever. He stands above this world and doesn’t interfere in the affairs of its inhabitants. He is not your salvation nor your protector. He was different once, a long time ago. Kind, yes. A hero even. The saver of worlds. But he suffered losses which hurt him. Now he prefers isolation to the possibility of pain’s return.


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I’m coming home…


The Angels Take Manhattan

Amy & The Doctor

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I think, once we’re gone, you won’t be coming back here for a while, and you might be alone, which you should never be. Don’t be alone, Doctor.

Raggedy man, goodbye

“I won’t kiss you. It might get to be a habit, and I can’t get rid of habits.”
- F. Scott Fitzgerald